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Each gm powder contains:^Calcium propionate 480.00mg^Methionine BP 40.00mg^Picrorhiza Dry extract 2.00mg^Cobalt Gluconate 0.32mg^Vitamin B6 IP 0.32mg^Dextrose Anhydrous IP 428.00mg^Appropriate overages added.^Excipients qs


Therapeutic: Adult Cattle: Two sachets with an interval of 12 hours.^Young animals: 1/2 sachet once or twice per day.^Sheep & Goats: 1/4 sachet per day.^Prophylaxis: Adult cattle: 1/2 sachet^Young animals:/ sachets per day for 2 or 3 consecutive Or as directed by the veterinarian. Administration: As a drench with Water.


Bloat caused by gas production due to excessive legume fodder excessive amounts of fermentable Carbohydrates.^Reticulum &ruminal disorders in young ruminants & Suckling calves causing digestive digestiveDistrubances.^Supportive to antibacterial therapy and revival of ruminalmicroflora.^For increase in production in lactating animals by providing the essential amino acid^As a digestive stomach^Hypo-Glycaemic conditions in cattle, calves, Sheep & Goat.


20 gm pouches