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Each ml contains:^Praziquantel IP 25mg^Excipients qs


25mg/kg B.wt 2 treatments 3-5 weeks apart may be required in visceral schistosomiasis and 10 to 15mg/kg B.wt orally for Nasal schistosomiasis in cattle and buffaloes.


It is highly effective against all adult tapeworms at a low dose rate, many of the larval tapeworms (coenurus, cysticercus tenuicollis, and against visceral schistosomiasis (Intestinal and hepatic schistosomiasis) caused by schistosoma indicum, S.spindale in small, large ruminants, and nasal schistosomiasis caused by s. nasale in large ruminants. After treatment the dead schistosomes accumulate inside the blood vessels which may lead to thrombosis and embolism occasionally.


100ml, 250ml.

Withdrawal period:

Milk - 72 hrs.,Meat - 14 days.